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Help with KEA128 working as an ECU into CAN Bus.

Question asked by omar zamacona on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2018 by Weijie Zhang

Hello, how are you guys?


In my previous questions I was asking about how to work with my board as a CAN device.

For now looks its working as a Loopback mode, but my real intention is to integrate this board into a CAN network.


So, a general question,

¿is there a Guide or reference of how to Setup, Synchronize a CAN network and how to watch (sent and received) Frames?


Very specific questions

  1. 1.- How can I see the frames transmitted (TX/RX) on the bus? a Console, Terminal, Saint Bus Monitor?
  2. 2.- If CAN_LDD component is not visible as a Component in Components View, is there a file to set Loopback = Yes/No?
  3. 3.- Where Do I need to configure the baudrate for the board? (I´m working with 500,000 in two other devices)
  4. 4. -In others post, I saw this: What does it means, and how to configure it?

Gateway(TRK-KEA128) ------------------ECU CAN Tx----------->------CAN Rx Console<--------CANRx----------<--------CAN Tx

  1. 5.-Printf() is not working on my bench, I have been read and implementing a guide on the but still no printing anything, No errors get when compiling it. This is the guide:


This is what I have:


- 2 SAINT2 devices, harness, and USB cables, these devices are sending and receiving frames into the CAN bus--OK

-1 TRK KEA 128 - MCU PKEAZ128MLK, working in Loopback mode--OK


-SAINT Bus Engine, to control the ports (open/close) on the guest PC.

-SAINT Bus monitor, to watch the frames on the bus

-Codewarrior 10.6.4


Also I attached a CAN project that I´m using.

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