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MPC5744P PIT Interrupt problem

Question asked by Administrator Employee on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Martin Kovar

Original Content posted by David Chung.


I'm writing a simple project for Panther that uses the PIT0 ISR to to toggle a GPIO pin. I use the 160MHz PLL as the clock source, initialize PIT0, enable PIT0 interrupts in the NVIC, add the PIT0_ISR address to the interrupt table. In the ISR, I clear the interrupt flag and toggle the GPIO pin.  The problem is for some reason the program only enters the ISR around 2 to 4 times before never entering again.  I can see that PIT_0.TFLG0 is set so an interrupt is called by PIT0, but it's not being handled. The PIT0 init code is shown:


void PIT0_init(uint32_t LDVAL) {

  volatile uint32_t dummy = 0;

  PIT_0.TIMER[0].LDVAL.R = LDVAL; /* Load # PIT clocks to count */

  PIT_0.TIMER[0].TCTRL.B.TIE = 1; /* Enable interrupt */

  INTC_0.PSR[226].B.PRIN = 10; /* IRQ priority = 10 (31 highest) */

  dummy = INTC_0.PSR[226].R;

  PIT_0.TIMER[0].TCTRL.B.TEN = 1; /* enable channel */



The ISR is as follows:

void PIT0_isr(void) {

  LED1 = ~LED1;             /* Toggle LED1 port */

   PIT_0.TIMER[0].TFLG.R |= 1;  /* Clear interrupt flag. w1c */



Anyone know the cause of this issue?