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KW2xD SMAC projects available for KDS?

Question asked by calebrust on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by calebrust

I'm looking for KDS wireless connectivity projects (specifically ZigBee) to get started with a KW2x chip, but they are all built for IAR.  It seems that there are options to port code from CodeWarrior into KDS, and I can export code from KDS into IAR, but I haven't found a clear path to import IAR projects into KDS.


This Nov 25th post suggests that the connectivity projects will eventually be supported in KDS, so I'm curious about that status?

Re: Beekit for KDS


If anyone knows how to convert or import an IAR project into KDS, that's also an option.  I need some kind of starting point, and I have a usbkw24d512 board, so I was hoping to use the 'Connectivity_Test', located in: Freescale\KW2xD_SMAC\app\ieee_802_15_4\Connectivity_Test\usbkw24d512\build\iar\