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I would like the LAY-27962_C.brd file in ASCII (ALG) or already imported into Altium Designer

Question asked by Bob Fish on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Bob Fish

I am just starting a custom board using the iMX6S processor. I have the MX6SoloX SABRESDB_DESIGNFILES which contain an OrCad Schematic and an Allegro board file.

Unfortunately My company uses Altium for PCB designs. Altium will not import an Allegro board (.brd) file unless you have allegro installed on your machine, Which I do not.

I do have Capture (OrCAD) however, it would be a big time saver to have a board layout file in the ascii format which I am told can be imported into Altium.


Although we are going to modify the circuit for our application much of the processor/ memory layout would be close therefor very helpfull.


So if anyone can do the conversion or already has a converted file it would be an extremely helpful timesaver / confidence builder to have that as a starting point.



Bob Fish