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PMF problem on power-on

Question asked by jasmin rouleau on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by jasmin rouleau

Hello community,


I'm working on a project using a s12zvm for a pmsm motor controller. It is based on the PMSM app note for this device.


I have something that works very well but not always.


The goal now is to disconnect the computer (debugger (p&e multilink universal) and the rs-232 for freemaster) to have something that can work by itself.


My software does everything correctly when I just flashed the code (ctrl-f11 in CW) but if the system power is cycled it doesn't work so well. The main problem is the PMF signal not getting out. I have pwm only on "C" outputs, but nothing on A and B. It is the same code that worked well when just flashed and runned from CW. I did not see other things failing in the code, I still have access to it with freemaster.


Any suggestions ?