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GPRS example - connects even without modem :)

Question asked by Martin Kozusky on Nov 24, 2015
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I am trying PPP/GPRS example on FRDM-K64F (modified project from twrk60n512 - just pointed to another libraries and changed to hard float and enabled ITTYE) on MQX


I was getting this output:


Attempting to establish connection. Please wait.......................DNS server added successfuly.
Connection established
Local address:
Remote address:

PPP connection ok
GPRS modem connected successfuly
Trying to resolve hostname
Hostname resolution successful
Pinging on address:
PING_ERROR: error = 0x1510
PING_ERROR: error = 0x1510
PING_ERROR: error = 0x1510
PING_ERROR: error = 0x1510

Trying to sync Time:
SNTP_ERROR: error = 0x1510
PPP connection closed


(I changed NTP name to IP in config, so thats why it got resolved)


Then I accidentaly turned off GPRS modem when doing PPP connection and it still wrote connection established. So I tried to connect serial to my pc and just replied OK 5x and it still wrote "connection establieshed"


Does anybody know how this can happen? Where is it taking the IPs?


I found out that it even doesn't call IPCP_up from ipcpfsm.c


Is PPP so buggy or is something wrong with the example or am I doing something wrong?


I also added


to  modem_ppp_start() and removed ipcp_data variable, because I think it has no use in modem_ppp_start() - PPP_init() is doing that assignment.