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OpenGL, iMX53 and HW acceleration

Question asked by mc maddie on Nov 2, 2015
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This is bit old but I'm trying to get OpenGL (Mesa3D) to work in iMX53 with HW acceleration.


I've already got it working with SW 'acceleration', but that's not really any good so HW acceleration is needed. It's been few years when I've last time worked with iMX53 so I'm bit rusty. I did quick googling, but couldn't really find for example what driver I should use and how to compile/configure Mesa3D so that it would use that drive. And if I'm even using the proper library for OpenGL.


I did find this page and were able to enable GLES1 and GLES2, but of course since the actual driver is missing they didn't work.


I'm using Linux kernel version 2.6.35 since that seems to be 'latest' have working accelerated graphics. (Anyone knowing newer kernel version that have working accelerated graphics are more than welcome to point me one).