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Gstreamer RTMP Streaming Memory Leak In DMA

Question asked by Giritharan R on Nov 1, 2015

Hi Friends,

      I am new to this. Still i didn't clear my issue.I Mention below my problems and solutions which i tried. Please help me.


I am using,

    Hardware         - I.MX6 DL RAM:512 MB

    Kernel Version - 3.0.35

    Gstreamer       - 0.10   

     2Cameras(5MP)  - Mipi interface & Parallel Interface

    Streaming - RTMP


My Problem is,

    1.Memory Leak

     2.Not freeing RAM memory

Solutions Tried,

       See the attachments tried these patches correctly.But no solution i meet.

I Tried the solutions from the below links:

Long running vpu task with memory leak bug on imx6

Re: i.MX6Q: VPU memory allocation "fragmentation" error

GStreamer crashing on i.MX6 (Boundary Devices Nitrogen6x)


  I issued Free command and is shows like

root@freescale ~$ free

             total         used         free       shared      buffers

Mem: 513988       120080       393908            0           60

-/+ buffers:             120020       393968

Swap:            0            0            0


And i gave this command to clear the memory  ( echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches ).But its not clearing the RAM memory(In 720 P resolution).But in 320P Resolution Memory is Cleared.Thats not a problem.   

I attach the  error log file for you reference (gstreamer_error_memory).


So , While i am streamer both camera continously in 720P it streamed upto maximum 30 mins only. But After that i got an memory issue problem.



Thanks and Regards,


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