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Adding VPU firmware in the filesystem using Yocto.

Question asked by Ravi Kumar on Sep 28, 2015
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I have built Kernel(2.6.35-3) and filesystem using yocto(fido) for IMX.53 Evk board. By default VPU firmware is not placed in the file system.

I could see "meta-fsl-arm/recipes-bsp/firmware-imx/" file related to the firmware, but firmware is not placed in the filesystem.


Can you please help on the following.

1) How to check whether the above bb file is taken while building using bitbake. If not taken the above bb file, then why?


2) From the versio no "3.14.28" in the bb file name, I thought it will be considered only for 3.14.28 kernel, so I duplicated the same bb file with different name(, but it is not taking the newly created bb file when I execute "bitbake core-image-minimal". Can you tell me what modification I have to do for building VPU firmware using yocto.


Thanks in advance.