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Recovering from loss of external reference clock (LOCS0 = 1)

Question asked by rampsr on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by isaacavila

I am using the Kinetis MKL05 and and will have a 32.768KHz crystal oscillator connected. I will start in FEI mode for the internal reference clock (because I cannot wait 400 ms for startup) and will poll the OSCINIT0 bit for the external oscillator. Once initialized I hand over the clock from the internal to the external reference.


Now this product will be in extreme environments and will be running up to about 85°C - 90°C.


In the event that I have a loss of OSC0 reference clock for my crystal oscillator, I need to recover gracefully.


I see that I can set the LOCRE0 (Loss of Clock Reset Enabled) to either

0 - Interrupt request is generated on a loss of OSC0 external reference clock.


1 - Generate a reset request on a loss of OSC0 external reference clock.


If an interrupt is generated, can I revert back to my internal reference clock gracefully? Or will the device have to perform some sort of reset regardless?