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arm-none-eabi-edb.exe in KDS 3.0.0 failing after J-link firmware update

Question asked by Lee Shaver on Aug 28, 2015

I've run into an issue after updating the firmware in my J-Link Ultra+ to the newest revision. Now, when debugging, arm-none-eabi-edb.exe crashes almost immediately, ending the debug session.


Target processor: MKV31F128VLH10 (64-pin LQFP)


Above: the error message

Above: arm-none-eabi-edb.exe console, which also reports an exit value of 255

GDB server log was a fair big bigger, so it's attached.


I've been working on this project for some time without issue before installing the J-link firmware update. I have updated the J-link firmware previously without issue. I have not found a proven safe method of updating the failing executable, given that KDS uses it's own installed version.


Attempted steps taken to solve problem:

Updated KDS via "Help -> Check for Updates". It found a small number, including an update from PEx 3.0.0 -> PEx 3.0.1. Also listed was changes to how debugging profiles are handled. With the updates installed a number of bugs with debug profiles surfaced. In particular I was unable to view or create SEGGER profiles. I did confirm that the profile still existed on the drive; KDS was just unable to handle it, and was unable to create new ones.


I downloaded the newest SEGGER drivers and tools (V5.00 as shown in the attached log). With these and the version installed in KDS I confirmed that I can contact the chip, as before. JLinkRTTViewer continues to work for RTT communication. I also was able to launch the GDB server successfully with the SEGGER tools, without apparent issue. I also confirmed that the firmware properly installed and was the latest version (I did not see an easy method of rolling back the firmware).


I uninstalled KDS 3.0.0, and got a fresh installer from (I hope the Java-based downloader is gone by the time I have to download anything else; that was unpleasant). Having installed the supposed newest version, I returned to seeing the above (original) error message. The updates that caused issues above were still available (not in the "newest" install), so I went ahead with them as a test, with the same result. This time I ran the repair utility on the new installer on the new install, which seems to have fixed the post-update issue with debug profiles. Somewhat sadly, however, I'm back to seeing the original error message shown at the top.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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