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[SGTL5000] SGTL5000 in I2S slave mode

Question asked by Kang Wen Chen on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Fabio Estevam

For some reason, we need to use SGTL5000 DAC in I2S mode.

In my environment, fs=48khz, mclk=256fs=12.288Mhz, sck=64fs=3.072Mhz. VDDIO=VDDA=3.3V, VDDD=1.2V.

We set SGTL5000 in slave mode and SYS_FS=48k, MCLK_FREQ=256fs.

But no audio output.

(Same power supply was ok by using SGTL5000 in master mode by iMX6 driver,

but we change mclk to 12.288 , and using slave mode, no audio come out)

Anyone have the successful to use SGTL5000 in slave mode,

and can give us the setting sequence of I2C command ?

Or can some one can tell me how to debug by some I2C command ?

My SGTL5000 version is 0X11.