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i.MX6DL Driver and Getting Windows 7 To Communicate As An Android Device

Question asked by Kelly Kaveny on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Hi Freescale Community,


I'm trying to get my i.MX6DL device (Installed with Android OS 4.3) recognized by my host PC (Installed with Windows 7 Pro x64) as an android device and not as a generic FTDI com port.


I have followed the instructions carefully on this forum:


i.MX6: Android connect to ADB


I'm having difficulty with how to do step 6.  I went through Device Manager on my Windows machine and right-clicked on the USB port where my tablet is connected and selected "Update Driver Software".  I, then, pick from a list of drivers from my computer to select the specific file, "tetherxp.inf".  From there, I tried to get that file installed, but it comes up with this (screenshot attached) saying it needs to be x64-based systems.  Are there any updated drivers out there for i.MX6DL?


The overall goal is that I'm trying to get this i.MX6Q (installed with Android OS 4.3) to work with SmartBear, a third party test automation software, to conduct automated black-box testing.  I managed to get my Windows PC to communicate with a cheap android tablet with Lollipop Android OS installed.


How can I get my i.MX6DL device to communicate with my Windows PC?  What files/components am I missing?


If I asked any obvious questions, sorry, I'm really new to this.  Thanks in advance.