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i.MX6 SDK (Software Development Kit) ver 1.1 installation & usage

Question asked by M T on Aug 13, 2015
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I have a (newbie) question.

I downloaded the i.MX6 SDK ver 1.1 here :…


I'd like to use it to control the peripherals of the i.MX6 chip on my Sabre Lite board.  The sdk includes examples of how to control all the peripherals.


The ReadMe file on the inside says that I have to compile the SDK using Sourcery Codebench Lite.  However that is now a commercial Mentor Graphics product.  I know they have a 30 day evaluation version.


How exactly are you guys controlling all the peripherals on your boards?  Did you start with the SDK above?


I presume that I have to find some way to compile the above SDK and then include the binary file in my project when I write code for the i.MX6 in Eclipse.  Is that correct?


Please help me with your advice on how to get this thing going.  I can already download and run "hello world" apps on my Sabre Lite board after compiling them in Eclipse.  But that's as far as I've got.  I'd like to toggle some GPIOs, use the UART, SPI, MIPI..etc etc. and I think I need to figure out the above before I can reach that goal.