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KDS 3.0.0 unable to debug

Question asked by Pascal Schröer on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Pascal Schröer

Hi to all,


I would like to change my current IDE (CW 10.6) to KDS 3.0.0 in my new projects. I'm using

the PEmicro Multilink to flash and debug the uC's. For this test condition I tried to debug a

Kinetis MK10DX128VLH7.


I installed the newest version of KDS (3.0.0) and tried to debug a default "new Project",

but I never reached the main() function. The program didn't leave the the startup code

(reset Handler). Do I have to disable a watchdog or something like this?



Does anyone have a solution for this strange behavior?



Thanks for your help,