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Can the L26Z with 32Khz Xtal generate a clock for USB MSB Device

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Jul 21, 2015
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Hi, I'm using the KL26Z with an external 32Khz crystal for time keeping, which can generate

I'm trying to set up the USB to be a device - kboot - following some of the examples, and the first setup is the clock.

Working through KDS300 PE configuration for the  MKL26Z128VFT4, its wanting a 48Mhz clock.

I'm not clear on the basics of the MCG modes as to what I'm looking for - what multipliers I can try for, and whether the L26Z is designed to do this from 32Khz xtal.

I have run through setting up a USB MSC device for the FRDM-K20 following the excellent examples from McuOnEclipse, and it worked for setting up for a 24Mhz clock.

So can I set up the L26Z for the USB MSC device clock of 48Mhz or 24MHz ?

Here is what i've tried

I create a Clock Config 1 with Clock Source Setting 1- for normal mode

I use Clock Config 0 with Clock Source Setting 0 for USB mode

I set the MCG Mode to FBI to be able to the use the Fast Internal Clock (4Mhz/2Mhz), This then allows be to generate a 47.972353Mhz clock - (close to 48Mhz)

The CPU component is error free, however I can't get the USB Component to accept the 47.97352Mhz for its 48Mhz clock

Any help appreciated


Update: Actually I was close. For the USB_LDD component, I needed to input a 48Mhz clock frequency with an error that allowed the 47.972Mhz clock to be selected. ( I was double clicking the available frequency and then inputting the error - which it didn't like)  So I wonder if anybody has some comments as to if this should work?


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