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Problem about using Processor Expert with KDS3.0+KDSK1.2.0

Question asked by Qingyuan Meng on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by Qingyuan Meng

I am using KDS3.0+KDSK1.2.0+PE and I want to output 50MHz sqaure waveform by compoent FlexTimer component provided by Processor Expert.

However, the maximum frequency it can output is about 15MHz. When it is larger than 20MHz, a 50Hz square waveform will appear.

It is so strange!!!

Could anybody help me about this please?


I use "fsl_clock_manager" to set the system clock to 100MHz.

And then I set the 'fsl_ftm' component like this:

And then, I click "Generate Processor Expert Code" button and write the following code in main.c:


FTM_DRV_SetClock(FSL_FLEXTIMER1, kClock_source_FTM_SystemClk,kFtmDividedBy1);


FTM_HAL_SetSoftwareTriggerCmd(FTM0_BASE, true);


Did I miss anything? Setting or code?

Many thanks!