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Adding RTCS to a Processor Expert Project

Question asked by Roger Amstell on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by Roger Amstell

I have created a Project using KSDK/Processor Expert and have successfully added MQX (Standard), but now I wish to add RTCS.


This functionality does not seem to be supported by Processor Expert, so after reading other threads I've attempted to do this manually without complete success.


Can some one please confirm the following requirements:

Preprocessor defines

Preprocessor Include paths.

Library include paths.


PEX hardware initialisation

PEX peripheral/HAL


Is the ability to add RTCS using Processor Expert going to be available in the future?


I'm using KDS 3.0.0, KSDK 1.2 and MQX 4.2 with a TWR-K64F120M board.


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