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MIPI CSI and IPU questions

Question asked by Kristoffer Glembo on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Wally Yeh



I have some questions regarding MIPI CSI and IPU on the IMX6Q.



In the following thread Some Experience When Enable MIPI Camera it is stated that you need to set the MIPI DPHY clock by writing to MIPI_CSI2_PHY_TST_CTRL1. Where can I find the documentation explaining how to properly initialise the DPHY?



For a MIPI V4L2 camera driver, how should the ifparm struct be set up in the g_ifparm ioctl, e.g. if_type, clock_curr/min/max?



It is stated in the IPU documentation that it has a maximum frame size of 8Kx4K. Does this apply even if want to store a captured image directly to memory or can I capture larger images?


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