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Question asked by Juan Jose Vicente on Jun 5, 2015

Hello everyone,


I´m trying to implement a USB CDC-class communication between a KL43Z-based board and a PC.


I´ve seen there is an example in KSDK 1.2 showing how to implement this. I´ve compiled and tried it and works fine, but it´s just an example, I need it to do a lot more than just an echo.

Unfortunately this example is made in CodeWarrior so I need to migrate it into KDS in order to be able to make some changes on it and, -most importantly-, use Processor Expert to include some other features I need.


I think I have a preliminary migrated project but although it seems good, once I build it and flash my board, when I connect it to the PC, it does not recognise my board as a COM port (as it did with the Codewarrior project).

I´m kind of crazy looking for which differences could make this not to work properly. ¿Could anyone help on this? ¿Any advice on which should be the strategy to find them?


Once I get this code working I will share it in this forum because I think this will be extremely useful for everyone looking for a USB communication besides a HID or a MSD.


Thank you all,



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