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KDS openocd patch

Question asked by sam. on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Erich Styger

We are using the K65 processor on a board and have a Olimex debugging pod directly connected to the MCU's JTAG ports.  If we attempt to use the openocd executable that is bundled with the KDS, it complains that our debugging interface (ft2232) is not available.  Normally, we would build the openocd program ourselves and enable our interface during the configure step.  However, we have not been able to flash our processor and it was suggested by the openocd community to use the executable bundled with KDS.


Is there a patch file available to indicate what is different between the KDS openocd executable and the source available from the openocd repos?

There is no K65 configuration file in KDS 3 and the others seem to indicate that the kinetis.cfg file should be used.  Is the kinetis.cfg file sufficient to support the K65?