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I2C Slave plus Hardware timer in FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Vinicius Maciel on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Jason Scott



I have a FRDM-K64F kit and I'm using Kinetis Design Studio 2.0 with Kinetis SDK 1.1.0


I'm trying to attach examples i2c_comm + hwtimer_demo, but there is a problem with hardware timer initialization. When I call the function HWTIMER_SYS_Init(), the firmware gets stuck.


int main(void) {     i2c_slave_state_t slave;       i2cData_t i2cData =     {       .subAddress = Invalid_Subaddress_Index,       .data = 0,       .state = CMD_MODE     };       i2c_slave_user_config_t userConfig =     {         .address = 0x3A,         .slaveListening = true,         .slaveCallback  = i2c_slave_event_callback_passive,         .callbackParam  = &i2cData, #if FSL_FEATURE_I2C_HAS_START_STOP_DETECT         .startStopDetect  = false, #endif #if FSL_FEATURE_I2C_HAS_STOP_DETECT         .stopDetect       = false, #endif     };       // Low Power Configuration     smc_power_mode_config_t smcConfig;     smc_power_mode_protection_config_t smcProtConfig;       // Init struct     memset(&smcConfig, 0, sizeof(smcConfig));     memset(&smcProtConfig, 0, sizeof(smcProtConfig));       hardware_init();     dbg_uart_init();     configure_i2c_pins(BOARD_I2C_COMM_INSTANCE);     OSA_Init();     GPIO_DRV_Init(0, ledPins);       // Initiate I2C instance module     I2C_DRV_SlaveInit(BOARD_I2C_COMM_INSTANCE, &userConfig, &slave);       printf("\r\n====== I2C Slave ======\r\n\r\n");       // turn LED_slave on to indicate I2C slave status is waiting for date receiving     LED_turnon_slave();     LED_turnoff_master();     //OSA_TimeDelay(50);       printf("\r\n I2C slave enters low power mode...\r\n");    // Hwtimer initialization   if (kHwtimerSuccess != HWTIMER_SYS_Init(&hwtimer, &HWTIMER_LL_DEVIF, HWTIMER_LL_ID, 5, NULL))   {   printf("\r\nError: hwtimer initialization.\r\n");   }   if (kHwtimerSuccess != HWTIMER_SYS_SetPeriod(&hwtimer, HWTIMER_LL_SRCCLK, HWTIMER_PERIOD))   {   printf("\r\nError: hwtimer set period.\r\n");   }   if (kHwtimerSuccess != HWTIMER_SYS_RegisterCallback(&hwtimer, hwtimer_callback, NULL))   {   printf("\r\nError: hwtimer callback registration.\r\n");   }   if (kHwtimerSuccess != HWTIMER_SYS_Start(&hwtimer))   {   printf("\r\nError: hwtimer start.\r\n");   }           // LED_slave is still on during low power mode until I2C master send data to slave.     // Turn off LED_slave to indicate MCU wake up by I2C address matching interrupt     LED_turnoff_slave();     //printf("\r\n I2C slave wakes up from low power mode by I2C address matching.\r\n");     printf("Initialization OK\n");       while(1)     {     } }