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MK64 startup problem - IRQ exceptions, won't run to main

Question asked by Nick Wallis on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by kareem Abdullah

Hello All,


I am struggling to get a new board up and running with KDS 2.0 / KSDK 1.1.0 / Bare metal / Non-processor-expert / custom hardware (MK64FN1M0VMD12)


I have built some basic code, based on the examples in KSDK

All of that seems OK - I have built the platform library, and the code compiles OK.


But, when I debug the code, it is not running to main()

I am getting exceptions and the code runs to the default ISR handlers in startup_MK64F12.s


I have tried adding my own ISR handler functions in main.c, but as one problem is fixed then another one appears - e.g. I added a handler for the EWM interrupt, but then it's stuck at the handler for, e.g., the USB. etc.... etc.....


I have tried globally disabling interrupts using INT_SYS_DisableIRQGlobal() but this made no difference.




My questions:

1. Are interrupts enabled/disabled on startup by default?

2. If they are enabled, how do I disable them? INT_SYS_DisableIRQGlobal() did not seem to work.

3. Do I need to install my own ISR handlers to overwrite the default ones?

4. Any other pointers as to what might be stopping my application running to main()?