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Error: Failed to resume target process. Downloading binary to target...

Question asked by kyu_seob song on Apr 10, 2015

Hi i'm Song and korean.

this year i participated the freescale cup in korea. and i took a board MPC5606, codewarrior setup CD, rappid, and so on...

i succeed setup these files and make a  codewarrior file covering rappid using CWPJmaker.

But, when i debug this file after build then there is an error like "Failed to resume target process. Downloading binary to target..."

and console error2.PNG.png


i searched in this community about the error and found some same ask and answer.

i followed these answer( check your Debug configuration, check your chip, change target communication speed) but the problem didn't solved yet.




here is my codewarrior file.

Because i'm not good at english, i think you would hard to read this writing. i'm sorry about that........


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