Error message: flash programming error when programming MPC560xBK (TRK-MPC5606B) in CodeWarrior for MCU v10.5

Discussion created by stanish Employee on Jan 17, 2014
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When I try to program CW10.5 wizard generated bareboard project (based on MPC560xB) into TRK-5606B EVB RevD, I get an error message: flash programming error. MCU may look like censored.



The CodeWarrior project wizard does not distinguish between MPC560xB and MPC560xBK but each uses a different flash programming algorithm. The result is the CodeWarrior bare-board project for MPC5606B cannot be loaded into MPC5606BK board (e.g. TRK-5606B rev.D).



The workaround is to manually configure your project to use the attached flash programming algorithms instead of the default one for MPC560xBK MCUs.



1. Download attached flash programming algorithms (.pcp files) and copy them on your computer(e.g. directly into CodeWarrior directory where all .pcp files are stored: "<CW MCU v10.5>\MCU\bin\plugins\support\EPPC\gdi\P&E"

2. Create a new bare-board project for MPC560xB


3. Enter into the "Debug Configurations" and edit the FLASH Connection configuration


4. Click on "Advanced Programming Options", enable "Use Alternative Algorithm" and select the pcp file using "Choose Alternative Algorithm". Use the pcp file you downloaded in step one (CFLASH since it covers the code flash).


5. Confirm the selected file by clicking on "Done" button and confirm also Connection settings dialog


Now you should be able to start debugging/flash programming into MPC560xBK parts.


Hope it helps!