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DPFM1 - invalid FM Controller action code: 54360

Question asked by Sharath Chandra on Mar 30, 2015
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I am using a P4080DS board, and fm1-gb1 ethernet port. I wrote a sample udp sender program and tried to check performance, I see the packets that are sent out are lost somehwere in the board but I did not get anything from the QMI or BMI counters, or DPA counters. I tried to use Packet Analysis Tool to check, I found the following lines which appeared to be suspicious:

    DPFM1 - invalid FM BMI action code: 0xd458   

   DPFM1 - invalid FM Controller action code: 54360


Could any one explain what is the meaning of this? The second error came many times.

Also attaching the trace file for reference.



Sharath Chandra

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