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Error using MQXlite from Linux

Question asked by Christian Lees on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by Radek Sestak

This may not be a Linux problem but when I open a project that uses the MQXlite OS I get the error that it is not on the disk


ERROR: at line 52: Unknown macro: "MqxVersionSepList" (file: Beans\MQXLite\MQXLite.chg)

Warning: Selected version does not exist in directory \opt\Freescale\KDS_2.0.0\eclipse\ProcessorExpert\lib\mqxlite\. (MQX Lite version)


This is a fresh install of KDS, I have also installed the KSDK.  The version it is looking for is V1.1.1 which is actually on the disk where it is looking and the permissions look fine.  I'm picking up where a colleague left off, he used Windows but I am on Linux.  When I look to see if there is a download for the MQXlite OS there is only a Windows executable.


Any help will be appreciated.