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i.mx6 SSI in TDM mode

Question asked by Lothar Felten on Jan 12, 2015
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I attached a PCM3168a to the SSI port of the i.mx6q, the codec provides the bit- and wordclocks (imx is slave) and expects data like this:

Screenshot from 2015-01-12 18:44:27.png

(ti pcm3168a datasheet page 25) bit clock is 11.29MHz

I configured ssi scr to work in networked mode and the ssi stccr is set to 0x16705:

-> word length WL 24 bits

-> 8 words per frame (DC)

I looks like the i.mx6 outputs all 8x24bits back to back, i.e. there's no padding to 32 bits.

I need either 24bits data + 8bits padding or 24bits data + 8 bits padding.

How can I configure the ssi to output such a pattern?

Sending 32 bits with the padding bits set to zero seems to be no option as the WL limit is 24 bits.