Freescale MC9S12DP256B - Closed-loop Stepper Motor Control System Using MC9S12DP256B

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I'm a student doing my project where I'm going to use this microcontroller (MC9S12DP256B) to control a hybrid stepper motor in a closed-loop system. I'm still new in learning this microcontroller. Therefore, I have few questions stated below :

1. Can anyone provide me an example of C program to control a hybrid stepper motor in closed-loop
    system using PWM?
2. Incremental encoder will be used to feedback the position of the motor. As I know, decoder and
    counter will be needed to change the quadrature signal to digital position of the motor.
    Is MC9S12DP256B provides such capabilities? So that external decoder and counter can be
3. To use it in motor control system, what else should I read from its datasheet?

I would be grateful for any reply. Thanks you.

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