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Can the PE FSL_USB_STACK use Clock Source 1

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by Erich Styger

A qu before the xmas break from Ca(GMT-8hrs), maybe to Eric as its FSL_USB_STACK (and Eirc has already posted Xmas sunrise in Switzerland)


I'm using KDS200 with ProcessorExpert FSL_USB_STACK and when I see the

FSL_USB_STACK . Settings.Clock settings. Clock Divider its marked as STOPPED

I've got my

ClockSource0 as a lowPower LowSpeed Clock on startup

ClockSource1 as 96Mhz clock

Is this why I'm getting STOPPED?

Is there anyway for it to use Clock Source 1?



2nd Qu for FSL_USB_STACK

- I selected CPU Kinetis K20D72 - and it told me it wasn't available. Can I still set it to K20D50 - as they seem the same as far as the USB?


many thanks