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How do you flash a binary to kinetis with multilink universal fx?

Question asked by Josh Jordan on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Christie Su

I have been able to modify my bootloader to generate a binary and fill it with 0xff up to 0x10000.  I concatenate this with a main application compiled for address 0x10000 with the section at 0x400 removed.  The resulting binary should load the bootloader, then jump to the main application and run from there.  The problem now is how do you load a .bin file using the multilink fx?  I see the "Load executable" option and point it to my concatenated binary.  Then I run the debugger and it fails to load.  Looking at the logs I see this message "is not an object file: File format not recognized".  Does this debugger only support elf files?  There must be a way to flash a binary.