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TWR-K70F120M Tower Module: "not able to run on the target or the flash is not configured properly"

Question asked by arnogir on Nov 6, 2014
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I'm using since few week the TWR-K70F120M Tower Module and I flash and debug it via USB port directly connected on the board.


I haven't yet any problem to use it.


Then I need to use External Nadflash for my software. (I have question about this here: K70 flexnvm used for program flash)


But during my manipulations, something works bad and then since I'm not able to flash the board

The debug procedure stop when tcl file is loaded



With the P&E linled to the JTAG  on the board, whenI try to do a "Flash file to target" -> "Erase whole device", following error occurs:



The Console write following:

fl::target -lc "LC for Simple Flash (2)"


fl::target -b 0x1fff0000 0x20000


fl::target -v off -l off


cmdwin::fl::device -d "FTFE_PFlash1M0" -o "128Kx64x1" -a 0x0 0xfffff


cmdwin::fl::erase all


Beginning Operation ...   




Performing target initialization ...   


Downloading Flash Device Driver ...  


Reading flash ID .......


Error: The algorithm was not able to run on the target or the flash is not configured properly.


Error:  Getting flash ID failed


Please, have you an idea?