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Failed to resume target process. Downloading binary to target...

Question asked by GUITTET JOEL on Oct 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2015 by wang yongsheng

Hi all, and particularly PGO,


I'm experimenting issues with CodeWarrior and the USBDM with MKE02Z64M4 device. I have created a project and keep all default options. However, it is not possible to load and debug the application. I get the following error when launching the debugging:




In the console:




My USBDM is "USBDM_SWD_JS16CWJ". Software version is, drivers 1.3.0.


I am able to program the target with the ARM programmer provided with the USBDM (it works well) but it is not very convenient to debug the application...


Have you experimented this kind of issues ? Thanks for your help!