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MQX 4.1: USB CDC device "virtual com" not enumerating

Question asked by Hui Shao on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by soledad



I have problem to make my board enumerated after plugging USB connector into Windows PC. Windows shows nothing after a connection. My configuration is like:


OS: MQX 4.1.1


Tool: IAR and I-jet

BSP: k20d50m


My costumed board is driven by 8MHz crystal and +5v comes directly from PC USB port. The USB ID detection pin is tied to ground and +5V power is seen on the board after connecting to PC. After calculation my board should supply 48MHz to ARM core.


Code wise, I can see the device  stack is initialized OK.  However, in code below, I don't see start_app and start_transactions are TRUE.

       /* call the periodic task function */
       /*check whether enumeration is complete or not */
       if((start_app==TRUE) && (start_transactions==TRUE))


No sure where to start the investigation, look at the clock init code in bsp_cm.c:

LDD_TError Cpu_SetClockConfiguration(LDD_TClockConfiguration ModeID)


  if (ModeID > 0x02U) {

    return ERR_RANGE;                  /* Undefined clock configuration requested requested */


  switch (ModeID) {











Stepping through the clock init code, I see twice of settings are either config_0 and then config_1 (BSP_CLOCK_CONFIGURATION_AUTOTRPM and BSP_CLOCK_CONFIGURATION_DEFAULT?). From there, USB clock prescalers are USBDIV=1 and USBFRAC=0. Is it correct for USB FS?


My operation steps are:

1. connect my board to Windows PC USB port

2. Load code through IAR I-jet


Windows simply doesn't show anything after  the step above? Where should I start to look into this issue?