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FlexCAN_uart demo on TWR-K64F120m or FRDMK64F using KDS

Question asked by Larry York on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by Larry York

Has anyone gotten the flexcan_uart demo to run on a TWR-K64F120m?


I have a FRDMK64F that I've successfully built the TWR demo for. I know the FRDM board doesn't have a CAN transceiver but I was at hoping to at least see some activity on the can0_tx pin.

Everything looks like it is working, but I don't see activity on PTB18. I tried modifying the configure_gpio_pins() function to configure pins 18 and 19 on portb to use their alt2 functionality but that didn't make any difference.

FLEXCAN_DRV_Send() times out waiting on the irqSync semaphore.