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Linker section attributes

Question asked by David Sherman on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by David Sherman

I did have a previous question that was answered on how to control the linker section attributes, and I have been able to define a "fake" memory region into which things can be located into an external serial EEPROM.  Now I have more questions along that line.  I'm porting CodeWarrior code that previously used #pragma to "switch on" a section attribute for a region until the next #pragma could flip it to the next section.  Having to add the __attribute__((section("section("name")) to every declaration is a bit painful.  Is there a way to change the section attributes on a per-file basis?  There's some mention in the GCC documentation of using the linker facilities to do this for a large region, but I can't seem to find anything describing this.


Another question, is there any documentation on what the default section names are that GCC uses?  I've been able to identify .rodata, .data, .bss, and .text, but are there others?