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How to burn Uboot   Linux on SD Card?

Question asked by Philippe Balleydier on Sep 10, 2014
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I'm using a Sabre for smart devices board and i can't manage to boot from a SD Card. I'm following every steps of part 7 (Using a Linux Host to Set Up an SD/MMC Card) in i.MX_6_SABRE-SD_Linux_User's_Guide.pdf. Everything seems to go as planned. But when i put the SD Card in the SD3 slot, nothing happens. I can't get to the u-boot prompt. Nothing appears on the terminal


I had an older SD Card made by one of my coworker and it seems to work fine. I can get the u-boot prompt on this one.


I'm pretty sure i'm failing to setup my SD Card but i have no idea what does not work.

I just saw this thread ( i.MX6Q-SDB board bringup with Linux ) and i used the same command as yuri did. I still get the same problem. Nothing appears on the Terminal.


Files are properly pasted in the SD Card since i can see them on my host Linux. But when i start up the board, nothing appears on the terminal


Thanks by advance