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imx6 ONOFF button can make a interrupt to arm core.

Question asked by chuanyan yin on Sep 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by Anton Lytkin

Hi, ChipExpert:


  I Have a custom board, the OnOff button can control pmic_on_req when I press the button more than 5 seconds. 

According the mx6's manual,  10.5 on page 545.


• When the chip main power supply is On, a button press between 750 ms and 5

seconds will send an interrupt to the core to request that software bring down the

SoC safely. Software may respond to the interrupt by saving the processor state and

then setting a control bit that requests to the power IC the removal of the main power



When I shorten OnOff and GND more than 750 ms, I don't see any things happened in the kernel's log.

How can I make this interrupt happened? I don't find any source code in linux3.0.35 and android 4.3.