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FXOS8700CQ Magnetometer Not Working Properly!

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Aug 19, 2014
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I am using FXOS8700CQ ACC+ Mag with K60 custom made board. The accelerometer is fine but the magnetometer is not working properly. The value of magnetometer changes when I change the orientation but after placing it back to its initial state , the values doesn't recover. Attached is the value and the code snippet. I have made the code in Codewarrior 10.6 with PE. Please look into the matter and help me resolve the issue. The setup was tested on wooden table , Considering the external mag field should not effect much. After I did Power on Reset, the values returned to earlier state . I regenerated the issue multiple times.





#include "FXOS8700CQ.h"

uint8_t adata[11];


uint8_t adata[13];

int16_t ax, ay, az, mx, my, mz;

float accx, accy, accz, mag_vect ,magx, magy, magz;

bool flag = FALSE;

#define CTL_1_Standby 0x00 // Standby mode

#define CTL_1_Active_lownoise 0x1D // LOw noise, 50Hz ODR, Active

#define FOUR_G 0x01 // 4G mode

#define CTL_2_highres 0x10 // high resolution



int main(void)

/*lint -restore Enable MISRA rule (6.3) checking. */


/* Write your local variable definition here */


/*** Processor Expert internal initialization. DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE!!! ***/


/*** End of Processor Expert internal initialization. ***/




GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, CTRL_REG1, CTL_1_Standby); // Standby for configuration

GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, CTRL_REG2, CTL_2_highres); // high resolution

GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, XYZ_DATA_CFG, FOUR_G); // 4G configuration enabled


int magThreshold = 1000; // 1000 counts --> 100.0uT

int magThresholdHi = (magThreshold & 0XFF00) >> 8;

int magThresholdLo = (magThreshold & 0XFF);


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_VECM_THS_MSB, 0x80 | magThresholdHi); // Setting the mag threshold


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_VECM_THS_LSB, magThresholdLo);


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_VECM_CNT, 0x01); // 20 ms debounce time period = M_VECM_CN /ODR 08-->400Hz


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_VECM_CFG, 0x7A); // Enable magnetic Vector magnitude detection, INT2 enable


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, CTRL_REG3, 0x02); // Interrupt polarity set to high 02


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, CTRL_REG4, 0x01); // Interrupt for DR


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, CTRL_REG5, 0x01); // Interrupt for DR on intr1


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_CTRL_REG1, 0xDF); // Hybrid mode OS = 2, Auto cal degausing -->DF


GI2C2_WriteByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, CTRL_REG1, 0x25); // Low noise,







ax = ((short)((adata[0]<<8) | adata[1])>>2);

ay = ((short)((adata[2]<<8) | adata[3])>>2);

az = ((short)((adata[4]<<8) | adata[5])>>2);


mx = (uint16_t)((adata[6]<<8) | adata[7]);

my = (uint16_t)((adata[8]<<8) | adata[9]);

mz = (uint16_t)((adata[10]<<8) | adata[11]);


magx = (float)mx/10;

magy = (float)my/10;

magz = (float)mz/10;


printf("%03.03f ,%03.03f ,%03.03f\n",magx, magy, magz);


flag = FALSE;









#define FX_I2C_ADD (0x1F)


#define OUT_X_MSB 0x01

#define OUT_X_LSB 0x02

#define OUT_Y_MSB 0x03

#define OUT_Y_LSB 0x04

#define OUT_Z_MSB 0x05

#define OUT_Z_LSB 0x06


#define M_DR_STATUS 0x32

#define M_OUT_X_MSB 0x33

#define M_OUT_X_LSB 0x34

#define M_OUT_Y_MSB 0x35

#define M_OUT_Y_LSB 0x36

#define M_OUT_Z_MSB 0x37

#define M_OUT_Z_LSB 0x38


extern bool flag;


extern uint8_t adata[13];



void AMINT1_OnInterrupt(LDD_TUserData *UserDataPtr)


GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, OUT_X_MSB, &adata[0]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, OUT_X_LSB, &adata[1]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, OUT_Y_MSB, &adata[2]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, OUT_Y_LSB, &adata[3]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, OUT_Z_MSB, &adata[4]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, OUT_Z_LSB, &adata[5]);


GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_OUT_X_MSB, &adata[6]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_OUT_X_LSB, &adata[7]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_OUT_Y_MSB, &adata[8]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_OUT_Y_LSB, &adata[9]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_OUT_Z_MSB, &adata[10]);

GI2C2_ReadByteAddress8(FX_I2C_ADD, M_OUT_Z_LSB, &adata[11]);


flag = TRUE;


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