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AR4100 Flash Agent Source Code

Question asked by Kyle Cameon on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Thomas Hülsmann

Hi everyone,


I've searched around and have not found any posts that are up to date in regards to this problem.


I've implemented the AR4100 WiFi chip into a design that interfaces to it with a K60 processor. In order for the AR4100 to run properly it needs it's SPI flash memory chip to be programmed with a MAC address and other configuration information. Freescale provides a zip file entitled "MFG_Files&Docs" as part of their patch "TWR_WIFI_AR4100_MFG_FILES_PATCH" available on the TWR-WIFI-AR4100 page  that contains an app note entitled "80-Y2220-4_A_Programming_AR4100_SIP_on_the_Freescale_Tower_AppNote.pdf" to describe how to program this flash chip. They also provide a pre-compiled binary ("flash_agent.afx") that is built to run on the K60N512 and an .EXE file ("host.exe") that runs on a PC command line to send the MAC address over through a serial port. I've been able to run the pre-compiled binary and the .EXE file to program the flash chip successfully on a TWR-K60N512 for my run of prototype boards.


The problem I am having is that I need to program the flash chips before soldering them onto my custom PCB, and the "programmer" I have made using the tower  boards is not practical for manufacturing. What I really need is to be able to modify the flash agent firmware so it will run on my custom PCB or on a custom programmer PCB so that I can streamline this process for higher volume manufacturing.


Also, the K60N512 is now obsolete and has been replaced by the K60DN512, on which the flash agent firmware does not run on.


In the App note I described above, it mentions that the source code for the flash agent firmware is available, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere. I've found other posts that mention you can obtain the source code from the patch ("TWR_WIFI_AR4100_MFG_FILES_PATCH"), but it seems to have been removed in recent versions of this patch.


Can anyone point me in the right direction here as to where I can find the flash agent source code? Any other ideas that might be helpful?


Thanks in advance,