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FEI Mode start time

Question asked by Robin S on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by Robin S

Hello Ankur Gandhi Arpita Agarwal


I am having a question Regarding the stabilization of  internal Oscillator for MC9S08RN8 MCU.


I using using internal FEI mode and the default Bus frequency is 10Mhz and i am doing the changes in the ICS register to get 20Mhz.I would like to know that should i have to wait for certain amount of  time after changing the ICS  register till the Oscillator is stable (Internal Reference frequency and FLL)  or MCU take care of itself and than it will execute the Rest of the code . please correct me if  i am wrong , it will take maximum 1.3msec  (300µsec for Internal reference clock and 1 msec for FLL)maximum time to generate stabilize clock.



Thank you n Kind Regards,