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Kinetis - Relocating vector table to ram memory

Question asked by Edward Kaeding on Jul 11, 2014

Hello Freescale community,


As usual I apologize if this question has been answered in a different discussion.

I am writing a Bootloader for the MKL02Z32VFM4 MCU using Code Warrior v10.5 and no PE.

The Bootloade for s.19 files using UART with 115200 Baud works great, but it can not handle continious receiving of the .s19 data (only in rows).

The reason for this is the short moment when the flash is written that no Rx-interrupt is allowed to be triggert causing a reading collison error.


For this reason:

I want to relocate or copy the vector-table (at least parts of it) into the RAM Memory in order to use interrupts when reading from / writing to Flash is forbidden.


For a long time I have searched the web and could not get any proper answers.

After reading a lot of manuals e.g." Relocating Code and Data Using the CW GCC Linker File(.ld) for Kinetis", relocating of functions to RAM Memory works fine now,

but I just do not understand how to relocate the vector-table without making problems.

I have compared the PE Version of puting the vector-table in RAM, but had similar problems than trying it manually. Do I have to copy the vector-table like in the example to an external RAM?


It would be great to have just one proper example how this is done!


I have written a smale example triggering a port interrupt when logic 0 is detected.


Please show me what I am doing wrong.


I thank everyone in advance for the great help,


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