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T1040RDB: SD boot procedure?

Question asked by Sareena Karapoola on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Mathias Parnaudeau



What is the procedure to boot from SD on T1040RDB?


The QorIQ SDK 1.6 manual  refers to eSPI/SD/NAND boot for Freescale T4240E/T2080E and P series processors. But no information is available for T1040RDB.


We have generated the PBL file after modifying the PBI_SRC to SD/MMC.

Can someone provide answers to the following queries.


1) What are the values to be given for BOOT_LOC in RCW?

2) What are the PBI commands to be appended?

3) How to insert the u-boot.bin into the PBL? (The yocto build only generates a generic u-boot.bin, unlike the u-boot-spl.bin that the SDK manual refers to)

4) At what offset should we write PBL.bin and u-boot.bin to the SD card ?

5) Also the SDK 1.6 manual refers to writing ucode.bin as well (for T2080/T4240). Is it applicable to T1040RDB. If so how do we get this?


5) Is there any board switch configuration?


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