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iMX6Q SATA performance (speed limit)

Question asked by Androider on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by Tony Zheng

Hi all,


I've been testing the VAR-SOM-MX6 dev kit, and have noticed that the SATA write speed is well below what I would expect.


Both using a custom app and dding zeros to 2 separate SSD drives, I'm maxing out at around 96MB/s, less than a third of the rated speed of a SATA II interface.


Is there anything I'm missing here? I've looked through the IMX6DQAEC datasheet, and can't find anything about the read/write speed being less that 3.0 gbps. Could it be a limitation of the dev kit? Could anyone point me in the direction of the driver?


The SSDs I'm using are a 1tb Crucial M550 and a 120gb Kingston HyperX, and I'm running the Linaro Ubuntu 11.10 distro from the Variscite Wiki.


Thanks in advance.