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dual debug connection

Question asked by Andreas Marti on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by jiri-b36968

According to the documentation 'Vybrid DS-5 Getting Started Guide', I tried to set up a debug connection to the vybrid tower board. In the first example there, a single debug connection to the A5 core is established. When the Debugging is started, the M4 is also started (using a 'start_m4()' function). This works fine. In a next example, a dual debug connection should be set up, which does not work.


The debug configuration dialog in DS-5, version 5.18, has changed compared to the documentation, and I can not make the demanded adaptions like 'Enable Cortex-M4 clock', nor find any other working configuration.


has anybody set up sucessfully this example, using the vybrid tower (TWR-VF65GS10) and DS-5 v. 5.18 ?