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Configuration tool for energy metering applications

Question asked by svenmoeller on Jun 5, 2014
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some weeks ago ive read about a tool to configure the TWR-KM34 . Its a graphical user interface that enables you to choose if u want to measure 1,2,3-phases , amplitudes of voltage and current, and so on. As result it generates a header file.


Ive read about it in a Freescale Appnote/Fact Sheet. Unfortunately i cant find the document anymore. Does anybody know where to download or get further information about that config tool?


thank you



The filter-based metering algorithms configuration tool is described in AN4265 (page 33f.).

In the added file "instruction.pdf" there is a broken-link for this tool:


DevTools Software:    "Kinetis-M Filter based metering algorithms and configuration tool"

(Broken-) Link:


Where do i get the configuration tool from, since the link above doesn't work?


thank you