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iMX28 Secure Boot issues

Question asked by Trevor K on May 29, 2014

Hello all,


I have been reading through a lot of discussions and application notes and feel I have made some good progress on understanding how it all works.  Right now I am trying to make the needed changes to the updater_ivt boot file to allow it to boot.  The file is composed of the power_prep, boot_prep and linux_prep bootlets and no u-boot.  I am able to compile it and when I go to run it, I get mixed results.


If the SRK fuses have NOT been programmed, it boots fine.  If the SRK is programmed and the HAB is OPEN, I get one of the following error messages:

Uncompressing Linux...

Out of memory while allocating z_stream

--- System halted


Uncompressing Linux...

Not a gzip file

-- System halted


I am currently trying to run this on a custom PCB and application.  This board has successfully run Linux and our code and the only changes I am making are related towards HAB and securing the system.  I have read through and referenced the following documents:

Secure Boot with i.MX28 HAB v4 (AN4555)

HAB Code-Signing Tool

Mx28 Secure Boot


Essentially, I have done the following:

1.  Updated the C code in the boot_prep/init-mx28.c and link information in boot_prep/

2.  Updated the power_prep.c and associated

3.  Updated the C code in linux_prep/board/iMX28_EVK.c and linux_prep/

4.  Generated the bin files with objcopy as described in AN4555 page 19

5.  Compiled and generated everything with an updated file.


Right now, I have not been seeing any HAB data on the screen. (I can't seem to find the library to include so I can call the get_hab_status as described on page 25 of AN4555, so if anyone can give me a few pointers here as well, I would be grateful)  And since I can't see it at the moment, I have been focusing on getting it to boot in OPEN HAB configuration.


I have attached the files related to the linux_prep bootlet since the power and boot prep bootlets seem to be executing and transitioning correctly.


I appreciate any help and am sorry for any dumb questions I may ask.  I am still learning.



The not a gzip file error has stopped coming (it only came about the first reboot after the bits being burned).  And I have traced the z_stream error to where it is occurring.  It seems that the very first call to malloc() fails and causes the error.

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