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[MQX LOWPOWER] Issue with CAN wakeup source on STOP mode

Question asked by Toan Le Ngoc on May 14, 2014

Issue Description:  

I configured CAN module as wakeup source from STOP mode as following:

1- Init Flexcan 1 Module in Core A5 & config clock gate for CAN1 is on during all modes, even STOP mode. (by setCCM_CCGR9[CG148/Flexcan1] to 10b)

2- Config CAN1 interrupt to wake up from STOP mode (by clear bit No.27 (Flexcan 1) in GPC_IMR2 register to enable Flexcan 1 interrupt as source of wake-up from STOP mode - Please refer Vybrid Reference Manual F-Series. Index 15.3.5 Interrupt Mask Register 2 (GPC_IMR2) - pages 757)


3- set Core A5 to STOP mode

4- send CAN frame from CANoe to generate CAN 1's interrupt (to wake Core A5 up)


Result: Core A5 is still on STOP mode --> The above configuration is not effective.



+ In case Core A5 is set to WAIT mode in step 3;  the Core A5 is wake up when CAN frame is sent.


In summary:

- CAN Interrupt can wake up A5 core from WAIT mode but cannot wake-up the processor from STOP mode. Is it a hardware issue or flexcan module is not designed as wakeup source from STOP mode !?



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