Using USBDM with Kinetis Design Studio

Discussion created by pgo on May 2, 2014
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Dear All,


Just having a play with KDS.


For those interested in using USBDM + KDS it appears to be quite straightforward.


Since KDS is based on a relatively lightly modified Eclipse (compared to Codewarrior 10) it is possible to just treat it as a basic Eclipse install as far as USBDM is concerned.


Just install USBDM as usual but select the Eclipse CDT Plugins  installation:



Then browse to the eclipse subdirectory within the KDS installation directory:

Complete the installation.


After installing you will need to configure USBDM in Kinetis Design Studio (Eclipse):


Select the Browse button to locate the ARM tools that USBDM needs.  This can be pointed at the ARM-GCC installation included in KDS.




You can use your usual KDS projects but now can create a USBDM launch configuration.

For more details on this see Launch Configuration Settings this link:

USBDM: Eclipse - New Project Wizard


An added bonus is that you also gain a Kinetis peripheral register viewer:




PS. One further feature - If you install Codesourcery for Coldfire you can also develop and debug code for Coldfire devices in KDS. A bit of an unexpected feature .