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VPU performance: CSI-2 MIPI camera vs. USB camera

Question asked by luarch on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Hey all,


I recently tested the imx6 solo (Wandboard Solo) VPU to encode h.264 streams from my USB webcam. I used the GStreamer plugins to stream a 720p video to another PC via Ethernet.

The result was frustrating. The CPU runs on +50 % CPU time. I thought VPU will reduce the CPU load to a minimum. I expected something like 5 % CPU time.


I am curious if a CSI-2 MIPI camera would decrease the CPU time to a value around 5 % CPU usage?


Has someone experiences with CSI-2 MIPI camera -> h.264 -> streaming performance?

Is the communication between MIPI interface and VPU faster than USB interface to VPU?